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5/4/07: And I'm back, I have about 5 min before my next epsiode of anime is done so I decided to take some time and make a little post about whats been going on. First of all, I've been kinda in a finanical bind for a while now. I really got burned for beind nice is a simple way to put it. I worked for four months with a startup company to give them a hand, I dident ask for really anything up front and I worked with them for four months, Then the boss turned two face and basicly fucked me in the ass. Lovely, So I dident get paid for any of the work and well, as we all know that life has its bills so ya... Kinda stuck between a rock and a hard place. But thankfully, (and regretability) I am borrowing some money from my Grandmother, She has helped me out before and well, If I want to keep existing in this world I needed to do something and really its better to owe family than a bank. But also I hate borrowing money, espically from my grandmother, If it was Mom, thats one thing, but grandma? I feel like I swollowed the sharp and pointy part of a blender and had a professional boxer use my gut for his sand bag. Ya... Friggen hate it. I could work overtime and catch up but there is this thing called school? ya... anyways, my next anime is done, Historys Strongest Deciple Keichi. >.>... oh ya.. also, been awake for 26 hours now too,... Anime eats my soul... and I love it :D


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1/10/03: site created

1/27/03: Update to anyone cares....huh?

2/11/03: Updated "about me" and placed my real pic there...NO SCREAMING~

4/25/03: Update.....scary pic added to main... also i have gotten the Love Hina vol.9 and Ah my goddess vol 3..will update in book section later.

11/1/03: Update....Fixed some of the problems with the site and now that i have CABLE i can update more regulary.

2/1/04: Update..Just an update to this poor site....

3/?/04: Yes i forgot what date it is, im living in vainty of what is my life.
but in other news, I now play CoD (call of duty) I like this game cause of its realism and fun. I am known as either MegaEvils, Pepsi Guy, or Pepsi Executive.
Behold my glory

7/12/04: Ph34r what is my glory. well accually, nvm, there is none of that in my life XD. but anyhoo, Ive been playing ALOT! of FFXI lately, so much that i think i am getting more and more cramps in my fingers, soo much that they might break off....>.<.... but if that happened then i couldent talk to Lexa,....and if your wondering who that is, She's my Elvaan Girlfriend on FFXI. as is pic to the right

but anyways. update. sadly yes it is.

10/17/04: Hello again my dear site that no-one cares about.... anyways... i moved to colorado, am doing networking for 2 morgauage companys..... and now im also a loan officer for Pheniox Funding LLC.... joy....... alot of work.... alot of pay....... and well.... life has begun.....>.< fawk..

3/18/03: MegaPsycho begins his strange wrath over the site, things start to go wrong, lol. In most cases, anything made or modified by MegaPsycho is red.
In shoutout to friends section, replaced strange picts with Starcraft avatars. Your welcome MegaEvils.

11/1/04: Oi~!, well, a few new things in this update, now that i know my friends are accually visiting my web site often,.. that means i gotta keep updateing it so there are new things to look at instead of text. heh. well yesterday (Halloween) i was entered into a FPS tournament for Call of Duty, Far Cry, and UT2004. needless to say i won first place in Call of Duty and Far Cry (a game i never played before till then... sad.) and i won over $200 in prize's... heh, talk about braging rights. i pwned those n00b's.... >.>.... but the gameing center i played at is call Vipers Gameing. heres a link its a small place with 20 computers but its a gamer's dream. but now im working a desk job in my new workplace,... not only am i an Loan Officer now but im also working the reseptionist here, the old one got fired for fucking up the computer twice and slacking off..... she was even cutting out at one job early to go and work another... heh, she got fired fast, so now im takeing her place.. a little more work but its an extra $300 a week, cant complain.

11/8/04: Konichiwa! >.>. Yet again with another update,. Ive had a chance to talk to Magid today,... his an egyptian guy who is dateing my Ex-girlfriend from 8 years ago,... :P. but his a decent person and i approve...<.<... we've been talking sence 9AM this morn' when i got into the office. got to see his fotolog,... and thank god his not all the other online weridos out there, hes a decent person...>.>.. im just paranoid of everyone till i have a chance to talk to them for a while...also, EverQuest2 comes out in less than 24 hours.. XD.. its time to take out the old bong and get a fresh new hit of EverCrack.... ^_^, *take a few hits* WHEEEEE...>.>.... ya im hyped... also i was Power-leveled by Siku last night in FFXI, jumped from level 11 to level 16 in 2 hours... XD... well time for me to get back to work... its the only time i spend working my my website now days and take to my friends on MSN. ..... also old update news can be found in the My Writing / Artwork section

11/11/04: Hail, People.... Everquest 2 just keeps getting better and better,... so far im a preist and im able to solo things that could kill warriors and stuff,.. thank god for my healing spells..^_^ and so far i love not being the only newbie out there, i remember when i was playing the original EQ (a whole year and a half ago) i felt like i was the only newbie cause other ppl been playing for 2-3 years..... but now i dont feel so bad,.. the only bad thing about everyone being a newbie is the /ooc /shout spam's,.. ppl are always yelling questions and asking things.. i think that people should "explore" the world and figure out how to do things on their own..... thats what i do,.. i dont want other peoples help..XP but thats just me. but aside from the incredible graphics and awsome game play... this game kicks so much ass,... /drool..... and then add the factor that all the females are anatomicaly correct....../drool.../orgasiam...../passout... (except female ogres...eww.)....  Well, now aside from EQ2, I wasnt able to go to work yesterday,... for some really odd reason both of the house hold cars decided to break down in a 24 hour time frame,... one car broke the timing belt, and the other one broke the timing belt, cracked the manafold and damage 8 valves... fun huh?... so currently we are with out a car/cars of our own, but thank god to Tad's mother, she is letting us borrow her car till one of ours gets fixed,.. right now the more-so damaged one is in the shop and it looks like its gonna be $800 min to fix the damn thing..../sigh....... not my problem...... i have internet,...i have my computer........i have EQ2....... all is well in the world... oh ya,... and i have PEPSI~!....*cough* and 2 bottles of vodka *cough*

11/19/04: Hail, Today was a really disapointing day for me, for 2 days my main CPU has been undergoing matainace,.. now today i got it back up and running the way i want it, i decided to play some CoD, but, when i logged on, my name was "MegaEvils" not "SvSPepsiExecutive",,... big whoop,... i figured everyone knew me either way, but today Seal (SvS so called leader) wanted to play a custom map, well, after getting the hang of the map, (learning to be the highest point on the map is good) i started creeping around the mountian creeping over ridges and sniping people, it was really effective,. but then for no apperent reason i get kicked for "Baned IP"...=_= hmm,... well there was only one admin on the server, (seal) and then to ban my IP?.... well, needless to say I was irritated... =.=... well, then i took a nice stroll over to the SvS forums at ..(my thread is now labled "Drama",.. it was "your all panzi's"...)
and posted a nice nasty little rant,... i mean, i was called a hacker by Seal, the leader, who, "INVITED" me into the SvS, accused me of hacking,.... but then when i tryed to explain that i dont hack, i dont need hacks,... and everyone out there who know me, i am a Demi-God at FPS games knows that i dont hack and its all skill, i would give references to them but i do not have there consent to post their e-mail. ill be getting that tomarrow. but beside that,... ive come to the conclusion that im too good for SvS, im too good for anyone,.. cause apperently when anyone starts kicking Seal or Dravyken's ass in score has to be hacking... .... whatever, fuck them, fuck SvS, i dont need this shit, ive tryed to be a decent member, not cause problems, uphold the rules on the server, even though i dont have admin,. i really tried to be a good guy... and ya know what?... even though i hate,.. utterly hate some of the SvS members cause of there attitudes and abusing power.... there are a few people who are decent and act like a fucking adult... SVision is one of them, SGT.Rock/Lagg, Proficey (sorry about the spelling, im tired...>.<) and Hunter_K,  then there is Ms. Snoopy,.. she will listen to ya and will talk to ya and listens to reason, and even when you ask her to back you up on something later, .... when later comes,....>.>... she doesent talk, as if it aint her problem,... it isent but thats not honorable to say one thing and do another...>.>.. and on that note, Sk8rGuy,.. is my brother and when i was "Baned" from the server, he asked WTF,... well apperently, SEAL was using hacks to watch me from his girlfriends computer... talk about a fucking hypocrite,.. accuse me of using hacks and he has them and uses them,.. i dont care if its for finding hackers... hacking is hacking,.. plain and simple.
sigh,, i gotta go to sleep,...>.<... fucking i probally have work in the morn'...
Night people.
11/21/04: What a world, What a world,....XD, things just keep getting funnier and funnier the more I provoke those SvS ass holes,... I was angry at them at first then realized how much of a joke they are.. then I started seeing the humor in the crap they flame me about,.. bottom line is that they are stupid, immature, and down right sad. but aside from the SvS irritation. I recently hooked back up with the old PS gang,... [M7]... and after playing Evercrack2 and seeing how they are not proballygonna make a PVP server or anything it kinda killed it for me,.. I was hoping to kill me some Darkelfs and Ogres,...>.<.. damn them,.. but also Jonathan cant play with me, its to graphic intence for his brand new laptop... XD, it lags horribally,... so we decided that we are gonna join the [M7] crew on WoW, granted it looks like an EQ ripoff,.. but at least there is PvP,... and ill be playing with friends,.. I would rather play with friends than a game thats better in all aspects but none of my friends could play. I also got back on TS, and now that I have my Laptop running it runs all my messangers and TS while I game on my Tower,. XD,.. and on that note,.. .if SvS are a religous clan, why dont they have a TS server?, cause they are Newbcake's.... and if they do have a TS server,... I bet the population is under 5. XD... but the days are getting colder here is colorado,... and for some reason ive been getting back on my nocturnal gameing pattern,...>.>.. I gotta break it.. I got work in 5 hours....>.<... means after this I gotta crash. but fat chance,  I'll probally play some GB or some Halo,...I would play EQ2 but... its no fun without friends.... and right now there are only newbies running around spaming for help or acting stupid...and I get enough of that from the SvS ppl..
but also, I've joined a new forum for my anime gathering,.. AnimeSuki. I've been downloading torrents from them for a while and never visited the fourms but I decided to join there community... from what I have read so far they are decent ppl... to early to decide if they are ass holes yet or not. I hope not. I need a crew to talk anime. I get my Gameing and Tech. talk from [M7] and my daily dose of ass holes from SvS, so I need some more anime,.. the little community at my Anime store near by aint to good,... only about 4 regulars there...and its boreing... and right now im trying to find someone who i can get the Full Metal Alchemist series from, AnimeSuki said the ANBU guys had it but apperently im behind the time, and they have updated their database and i cant get it from them now...>.<... fawk. Oh well.. ill find someone, or stay up late to watch it on Adult Swim.... damn im ranting... lol, but i dont care, its not like i have to share my site with anyone or care about who reads it. but to those of you who visit here often to read about my world and are interested in my life,... thanks for being a regular here... >.>.. i think there are only 4 that are,.... but im looking to get more,.. who knows, i might have to set up a fourm just for my site to get feedback...>.>.. bet the SvS ppl would like that, to flame me on my own site...XD.. lol, but anyways,... im going to bed now. i need sleep for work... >.>.. Good night/morn' and bleh.....
11/21/04 (again..): flame, Spam, yada...yada...yada... >.>.. im bored so i decided to do another update,.. also cause i got some E-mails saying what i needed to add... (Sarah :P) and for all of you who need/want me to post you in my "shoutout to my friends" page, lemme know,.. i usually only post the ppl who ask me to,.. or if im really bored. XD,... so far today, ive had 2 hours of sleep and so far im running well.... then again it might be the 5 cans of pepsi and 4 cups of hot chocolate ive drunk... and its only 11am.... >.<.. suger rush... kekeke.. XD, also outta boredom ive been poping around in the TS public servers, listening to ppl,... i usually harass them when i pop in, but i only do that when im in a bad mood,.. ill jump on a chineesse channal and start ranting about stealing their shoelaces and beating their silverware with a bat...>.>.. they are usually "ching ching chang chang kling kling",,.. and other crap i dont understand,... then i get "User Kicked" voice prompt....XD, its fun....yawn,... damn im tired still... oh well, ill get home and crash till about 11pm then ill be wide awake,..... thats ok, i perfer the darkness than the damn sun....i need me a night job...:P, anyways the good news is that i get paid either today or tomarrow, depends on the bank... and then i got some bills to take care of then, im off to buy WoW, and get me some japaneese food,... i need me some food,.. im starving... :S, ack, i just realized,... my website is becomming an online journal of my life... that is sooooo gay,....<.<.. well not that gay... not as bad as Drage posting his whole life story on the skootos least mine is on my own website,....>.>.. that reminds me, i gotta remake this site in HTML,... i like how tripod makes it easy for you but i like my freedom of HTML,...>.< but the problem is me getting my ass to sit still for 2-3 hours to create it....>.>.. id probally end up playing CoD, or EQ2....oh well... anyways, to all you people who read my site news often, give me some feedback, good or bad(svs whores),... XD...
12/8/04: Eins Zwei, DIE!!, lol... how's everyone been? Ive Been real busy,.. ya know how i said im a loan officer,.. well last friday, i got this call from this lady,.. appernely she just got ripped off, about $2,000,... this broker said she pre-qualed for 100% financeing and told her to go find a house, (cause this is a PC deal) well, then he took her money and bolted... and i got a call from her and she was asking for someone who could help her,.. welll.....>.>.. being the nice guy i am, i talked to her and explained how there are people out there in this business who want a quick buck and nothing else,... but im looking into this being my job for a long time... and after a while she said i was the most honest broker she ever met, and told me that everyone else shes met has been cocky to the extreame.... well i really dident pay it any mind cause i get alot of people saying im a nice guy,.. untill i went to her house to fill out the packet, the whole time, she kept reffering back to when she called me and how great i was,... every 5 min she would commpliment me,... i was there about 3-4 hours,... thats alot of commpliments...XD and whats really funny is that she is 40 years older than me and couldent belive that i was only 18 and knew so much and was such a nice guy,.. then she started saying im gonna go really far in this business with how i am,.. man,...  XD, but she is a great person,.. and when i got this deal,.. apperently it was my friends deal, Phil, but when she called that day she just wanted to talk to someone, and couldent remember his name,...>.>.. so i kinda stole his deal,.. oops.. well, one wont hurt him, his working on 15 right now,...XD but once i get this closed,.. its an extra 2-3 thousand dollers ^^, gonna be a rich bitch ^^.. hell ya,... i gotta take phil out to lunch though,.. cause i stole his deal.. but aside my work,
Apperently Sarah, my friend, girlfriend, person,.... i have no idea what we are anymore,... well, she found a guy named Nick, on FFXI,.. well,.... in my jelious nature i dont like him from the get-go,... i dont like anyone who has an eye on a friend/girlfriend, i have or had... its just me,.... but the guy is a moron.... kinda like a pitty story... and he complains how he cant do anything and cant find a job,,,
WAHHHHHH,.... /cry...
not,.. hes just a lazy fuck who cant think about bettering himself or his family,... no excuse to be bitching....sarah on the other hand cant help it so i pitty her and comfort her when needed,... but lately to be honset ive been disturbed with her MSN screennames,... even though its none of my business... it still bothers me in the back of my mind,.... sigh,...
being alone sucks,... but i perfer to be alone and work and create a stable enviroment for me and make money to have a future than run around trying to date every girl that catchs my eye... cause in my opnion, dateing can be fun but no-one will think otherwise of devolping the relationship if you cant support your self or someone you care about,.. thats kinda why im working so hard,... i wanna be able to show "her" i can take care of her,.. but untill i am stable and everything its better for me not to think about dateing,.. sigh,.. life, well,..
im makeing good money,... i enjoy work,... i have my games in my freetime,... and 3 bank accounts im starting to dump money into... ^^, but now i need to figure out what to eat,.. its lunch time and im STARVING... and i suck decideing what to eat...>.<..
anyways,.. "peace, love and chicken greese!" -- Chris Strickland

12/20/04: todays color is BLUE! heh,... ive been needing some changes around here, life gets boring when repeating the same shit over, and over and over and over again,... but alas when is my life ever boring? my closing i was suposto have this week got pushed back,.. by 1-2 months... cause my client forgot to tell me they could come up with the closing costs...:P joy,... its ok, that just means i gotta wait for it and while i wait im going to look for more deals. speaking of that i just might have picked one up while updateing my website... apperently i just got a call from another distressed costomer from that guy whos been doing BAD loans all over the US,... i dont know his real name cause he uss fake ones alot, so im gonna call him Bob,... well,.. this couple was about to loose their house to bob and everything till the wife called me and asked if i knew this guy, and if he was scamming,.. well i told her that i belive he is scaming cause my we have a few clients who have been scamed by him and we are working on their deals right now, trying to recover them,.. joy,... and apperently his been scaming a general of the military,... lmfao... his he sooo screwed...... and today i am assisting on finding this guy and maybe putting him into jail.... lol,.. he deserves it for what he has done to people. sigh,.. sometimes i want these people to be born with a "danger" sticker on their head... so others would avoid them,... but oh well,.. im looking into assisting these nice folks and re-financeing their house.... sigh, my up-date turned into what im doing at work... lol, oh well.. at least then you all know what i do and what i deal with at my work,.... anyways,.. thats all thats really interesting in my life right now,.. my personal life is boring...anyways... gotta ge back to answering the phone and assisting people...



12/24/04: Whoo hooo,... nothing like being fired from you job right before the holodays.... HA,... its ok though,.. i start a new job monday next week... but everyone should know that i was working a reception job for Pheniox funding, and my boss is Tad,.. good friend,.. we hes company is Sub-letting from  Barrons financial,... Justin owns that company,.. ive known him for a bit,...

well,... when we moved into the office we were getting leads from the Tom Martino show and we asked justin at the time what we should do with them,.. for instance, send them straight to him or hand em out to the barrons guys... and when they are not around we take them,,,..... well justin said that was fine to hand em' out and then take a few... well, sence i usually answer all the calls, i pick up all the leads,.. and ive been handing them out to barrons and when they are not around i hand them to Pheniox's guys.... and i took 2 for my self.... my one is gonna be closing Jan 10 right now by the looks of things, and well as for my seconed one?... justin yesterday apperently got a hair or a dildo stuck up his ass cause then  went off on me after he found out that i had a potentioal deal and i was keeping it to work on,... well he came to me WITH and attitude,... and for those who know me,, thats something you dont do... and well,... he with his attitude decided to yell at me, saying how all the leads i take down are for his people only and how im stealing from his company and crap,.. when it was him in the begining who said i could hand them out and crap... whatever.... i was like "ok fine anything else i get ill pass to you" ya know?... trying to end it cause i was pissed at him for yelling at me with an attitude.... but then he asked what i was working on then,.. well i just got 2 phonenumbers of poitional leads from people looking to do a few purchaces... well i told him that i handed one number to phil (a good guy on barrons side,... really enegetic) and i kept one to my self to handle... well then he repeated his whole speach again and by then i was extremely pissed off and said " here you want his phonenumber ??! here it is now are you done?" and he shut up and walked off... well, then i went to MY boss cause justin is not my boss, he dont pay me,... i told tad about this crap and tad talked to justin,.. well after that,.. i was sooooooooo angry i decided to quit my job as reception,.. and before i could tell tad this he told me i was fired,...O.O i was like COOOL!! i was just about to quit,....  and then i told tad that next monday i want to be pure loan officer,.... and tad agreed to that cause tad was pissed at justin too cause justin keeps trying to up the rent on tad and trying to get ahold of the money we are makeing...but he cant,... see justins side is mostly all commercial deals,... when it comes to residential and subprime,.. he dont know jack.... nor does his people,... sence we moved in there we have closed about 8 loans,... and justin has closed 2 loans in the past 3 months.... LMFAO.... so hes poor and shit and pissed that we are makeing money,... also when i was hired on as reception,... EVERYONE was happy that i was directing calls and people were getting their messages on time and shit cause apperently before i was there it was hell and chaos.... well now that ive quit/fired,... i wanna sit back and watch people go crazy with the phones,... and my goal for next month,... is to out perform ALL of barrons side and then once im done kicking their ass at that,... im gonna laugh at alll of them and rub it in their face..... and was really,....really. ticks me off is that apperently justin told tad that i am too young to be in this business..... well,.. once i out perform everyone next month,,, im gonna brag how an 18 year old can kick their ass in the business when they been in it for like 6 years and crap....
sigh,..... Anger is the best motivation,.. and im gonna fawking prove it...... XD,... im looking to make about 3-4 thousand dollars next month and then with it im gonna slap it in justins face,,,..... its gonna be fun.....  but aside from my work....
So far Xmas is looking good,;... we got a light snow fall and its looking good outside,.. and tomarrow we are having friends over to eat and party....
but alas i gotta get back to gameing to releave this stress... Take care!! ^_^

1/18/05: Happy New Year,... heh,.. its a little late and its been a while sence ive updated the site but ive been busy with work and all,... so far work is work,.. and ive been doing more and more lately,... my boss bought this new training manuel,.. its thicker than hell but loaded with information,... and i really need to learn everything before the next month,... apperently we are gonna be working with a contracter/builder who is selling 122 new condos in the next 2-3 months and we are getting all the take-outs,... which means we get dibs on all the loans before anyone else does,.. and so far in the company,... there are only 3 people,.. me,.. Tad, and Deirck, a whole 3 people doing 122 loans,... XD,.. thats alot of work but alot of money,...i figrue if i do 20 loans,.. and the loan amount is $200,000 minimum,.. then i get $1,000, from doing it then if i do 20 loans that $20,000.. and thats only 20 loans outta 122 deals, anyways,.. i gtg now,... i gotta entertain my guest,... my friend from NC is here,...

1/24/05: Tis a good day,... or a good weekend i should say,... kevin has been looking for a girl who i might be interested in for sometime now,... why?.. cause one,.. im too busy with work,.. two,.. i dont go to school so its hard to meet someone my age with out  being introduced by a friend or being a stalker at teh local high schools,... so ya,..... anyways he found somone who i might be interested in and sent me her MSN name to chat,... well after 2 days of casual chatting im interested in her so when i was going to head up to kevins house for teh weekend i was gonna meet up with here so we can meet in person and not just chat online,.. now im sure alot of people dont get to meet their online contacts,.. so it being my first time i was kinda skeptical of it all but i trusted kevin and well,... when i saw her,.. damn,.. i saw some of her online pictures and stuff but she looks 10x better in person,.. she is cute and timid,...  and was almost everything i look for in someone,... it was amazing,.. so we all took a trip to teh millitary base bowling ally,.. but we deided to go to teh PX for lunch and also cause in like an hour teh prices for bowling were cheaper,... but apperenly she couldent leave teh bowling ally cause her mother told her not two,.. but she accompanyed us anyways,.. but tehn called her mom at the PX to let her know where she was,.. reasonable action if you ask me,.. but apperently her mom dident see it that way,.. she was ripped, and told her that she was gonna be grounded for a long time,... well,.. about that moment i started feeling like shit. cause i insisted on going there for lunch,.... nothing better than getting your online girl introuble in real life... heh,.. listen to me talk,.... >.<.. curse my mind thinking too far ahead in teh future,..... and for those who dont know me that well,... i have a tendendisy to think ahead too much and it always is in my favor,... duh,.. all it is, is wishfull thinking,.... but anyways,.. so i after lunch we went have had some fun bowling,.. and i have to say she is really good at it,.... she was seconed place teh whole 2 games,.. i was first,... cant blame me,.. i useto be on a leauge..but after that we waited on her mom to pick her up at teh ally,... and she was insistant on us leaveing her there cause she felt she was a burden,.. well me being my self,.... i told her there was no way in hell we were leaving her there,... its common sence not to anbandon someone ever,... espacailly sence i wanna make a really good impression,... i mean im looking for someone to date.... but at teh same time its hard to make a good impression to someone when you have two other people in teh background talking about SEX TEH WHOLE FUCKING TIME~! i mean how am i suposto be a decent guy when there are people talking about sex right behind me,... sigh,... oh well... the good news aside that is apperently she had a good time and im glad,.. im just feeling like crap cause she got in troubel,... argg,... im useing this site more as a journal than anything else,... i wonder if thats pathetic?....>.>... send me an e-mail if that sounds pathetic.....,..... thats my e-mail,,,.. anyways,... i got work in teh morn' i gotta do more studying before febuary gets here,..... i want to help people get a loan so i gotta study more.... so with that ill be off,.. Good night and oh ya,... teh girl i met,.. her name is Morgan,.. ^_^ i like teh name.

1/25/05: Well that good weekend i was haveing kinda ended fast,.. that gurl i was interested in,.. well it seems like i was being draged around teh bush a couple times,...but i dont know that for sure,.. i have some friends who are gonna confirm if she is interested in me or not intereseted,... then after tomarrow if i get no answer from her then im gonna say fawk it,.. i tried,.. but just incase things fall though my friend found this interesting site on-line,.. it seems like a huge online dateing thing that helps find people in your own area,... well ive never been a fan of these types of services,.. but what teh hell?.. im busy at work,.. i dont have time (well i do just choose not to) look for someone. so why not give it a shot. so i registered and guess all there is left to do is browse teh girls and try to chat with them,.. but im gonna hold off on that till i can find out if Morgan is seriously interested or not,.. but so far my friends guess's is that i was taken for a ride...but i always give people a chance,.. thats probally my biggist downfall,.. im too nice.... even though my tag is MegaEvils,.. im not that evil... untill you piss me off,... oh well,... tomarrow is D-day for this short relationship...

2/4/05: Konichiwa,.. just letting you know im alive and kick'n

2/14/05: Happy Valentines day,... Yay..... we all know that it is a great day for those who have loved ones to share this day with,.. but those like me who does not have a loved one its a hard day to bear,.... oh well,.. shit happens.... anyways i gotta get back to work and stuff,.... later.

3/2/05: Hello to all those people who accually visit my site i have some really good news =^_^=
I have a closeing Friday!!! that means the deal ive been working on for soooo long is finnaly gonna close and im gonna get paid! the loan ammount increased to about $300,000 and i get almost $1500 ish from that as my pay... ^^ its kick ass now i know alot of you who work and stuff think "ya i usually make that" but how much do you work for it?.. you work from 9am-5pm everyday,.... the total ammount of time i probally spent on this deal is about 4-5 hours... thats almost like getting paid $300 an hour for my work!!! ... now tell me that doesent kick ass!
but aside from that ive been doing really well,.. ive started playing FFXI again on the Titan server,.. im already a level 32BLM and kicking ass.... also when i get my money im planning on buying a vending machine... one of the soda ones too... i have a good location that i wanna put it and i think it can probally make a min of $1000 minus the cost to restock it.... but once i get paid im gonna start calling around to see if i can buy a machine for about $500 then im gonna get a Medco lock installed for another $100 then im gonna stock the machine with Pepsi products.. of course ;).... and then i gotta get it moved to the location i want it,.. probally another $50-150... so in all its gonna be about $800 to get one machine going but I always liked selling sodas and for those who knew me in germany i always was selling soda outta my seconed backpack... and i accually made a good profit ^_^ so now I get my own vending machine i can sell sodas and not even have to be there,.. just restock it and where im putting it Ill probally need to restock it once a week..... XD.... well i guess i rambled on enough already,.. oh ya I'd like to send a "CONGRADULATIONS!" to Sarah in OK for getting knocked up with teh "17 year old Hobo" ... sigh,.. though i shouldent critizise i have to cause that was just stupid.... oh well,... WELCOME TO LIFE!
anyways,.. Im out,.. Later.

3/9/05: w00t w00t! ^_^

Today I just got my car fixed,.. i had to get an alignment and such,.. costed me $206 to fix'n all but its ok... my Loan closed friday and I got paid $2,160.00 but now im been spending it left and right... im probally down to 1.4k now,... but thats ok... I had to spend a little money on me and a bit to maintain my car.. so its all good... lately ive been prospecting a bit trying to find more deals and such but its not easy when LO's are labeled as bad ppl,... no-one wants to talk or deal with me.. and thats a bad thing,.. but on a good note is that i talked to Anna in NC and she is gonna look around for me and next month i plan on visiting and working the area over there,... >.>.. i also wanna visit my old school  and talk to all my old teachers cause i ALWAYS slept in their class and never really paid any attention to them and im sure they all thought i wasent gonna ammount to anything so i get to show up in a munky suit and explain my self and show off a bit ^_^,.. oh thats gonna be sweet,... also cause if i close 1 deal a month i make more than they do.. !! XD but untill that happens i cant brag too much,.. i gotta work more but my main problem is that i cant walk up to total strangers and talk business... friends/family and aquantices i can talk freely and i have everyone interested in what i do but i gotta learn how to talk to total strangers and fast cause thats where my business is gonna comefrom... >.<... granted ive done flyers and mailers and such but the best approch (to get more experence wise) is talking to total strangers on the phone or in person!!... but I still have that little fear factor... that doubt in my mind that i cant answer their question...>.<.. it sucks.... but ill overcome it soon,.. and when i do i wanna make a crap load of monies... I have goals that i set for my self this year and one is to be able to eat out every meal of the day and to do that requires alot of monies... so i gotta start makeing those monies... and yes im spelling money wrong on purpose... :P
But alas,... this up date is long and boreing im sure,.. this website is a friggen' journal more than anything... well for those who come here I hope you get a kick outta my life.. >.>.. and please send me some business ^_^;;

3/31/05: The past 30days sucked munky balls..

To start my bad luck streak... i crashed my car the 14th... I slamed into a lexus and well.... my car dident look so good... but i took what money i had.. paid for towing and got it back home to work on,,.... the sucker is almost fully rebuildt.. its got some minor things left to fix then it will look just as it did before.. only now im $900 poorer... then after that incident... my mother though it would be nice to get tad a dog... >.>.. we went to the pound and found a germanshepard/mix.. very nice dog.. its the only dog my mom has ever liked.....>.> well needless to say two days ago the dog and cat were playing and the cat dident want to play anymore.. and scrached the dog... well.. the dog saw this as an attack and it attacked back,.... the dog bit our cats neck and snaped it.. inta-kill...
omg my mom was freaking out when she found out... mainly cause she got that kat on my birthday... it was a good cat... /cry.... oh well... you cant change the past...
now ive been doing nothing but working and gameing... at work im trying to do more marketing.. Im doing something with my local anime store to do some dual advitersing..... and  at home on my game im a level 44 BLM... and just recently ive been talking to an awsome girl online... Havah,... shes accually someone who likes to ROLEPLAY~!... omg its been soo long sence i did that... its hella fun ^^
well thats just the short update.. i could go into extream detail on all these topics but im lazy as hell and figure no~one comes here to see my shit why write it?...
Anyways.. Later ^_^

4/7/05: Can you say,.. HOLY HELL~!?~!

My luck is turning around drasticly.... i mean,.. im seriously cashing in my karma points for this one... In my previous update i mentioned Havah from FFXI. well,.. we had one of those "Connections" and well,.. it clicked,... Ive never feelt this good about someone before,.. i mean wowz... we talked so much and we have such a good connection and a excellent spritual connection,... its amazing,.. i seriously cashed in my karma points to meet her... ^_^... and now its to the point where I love her~.... though im not exact on age,.. but from now all i know is that shes 25'ish or abouts and well,.. it doesent matter to me anymore,.. she is beyond words for me,.. and what is also suppriseing is that she feels the same for me,.. and 18year old guy... O.o... then again i never got along with people my age and well,.. why should i date them?... Ive ALWAYS gotten along better with ppl older than me so,.. it just seems right that i date older ppl,... <.<.. and theirs nothing wrong with that,... but my mother seriously got a kick outta it,.. she was laughing her ass off about it,... cause just a few days ago she told me that i probally date older women,... well sure enough.. Lol... its great though. no complaints here... I LOVE HER~!... and by the way her name is Lise,.. from Canada....>.>. i never thought i would hook up with someone from canada.. lol,.. but god,.. she is AWESOME~!... so much that my words pale to grasp what she is to me,... <.<.. in game we are gonna get married,...but it might be awhile,... and for real life,. i feel that way to (and i never felt that sure feeling before)... sigh...
aside from my personal life..
work.. its a nightmare,.. that bastard justin is being a fag again,... this time he took it too far,.. im not going into details but basicly with in the next few days were moving offices... THANK FAWKING GOD~! im so sick of barrons bastards harassing us and makeing rude comments and gestures/looks... but all that will vanish,.... very soon..
Yawn.... anyways im going to bed,.. im gonna try to manupliate my dream to include lise.....>.>.. but then i might not wanna wakeup... XD... anyways.. G'night~!

4/??/05: Thats right,.. i have no idea what today is... and i dont really care.

So anyways.... time for an update on my life... first of all
my work
Justin turned into a total dooshbag and fliped out and wanted us to get outta his office... so we did,.. and now were working at home (thats the quick summary of what happened)
Im not doing so well being a loan officer so im gonna have to get a 9-5 job.. but thats ok...>.>.. i dont care
and thats basicly it for now,.. i really dont feel like explaining everything right now.. its 11 am and im hungry as hell.... peace

5/19/05: I bear Peanuts and tacos to those who come here,... bad thing is,... you cant eat them.

So anyways,. I Hate my life at this time,.... My girl hates me,... I have no job, Im piss broke,.... and well,.. thats about it. /sigh
Ya know,.. i never really realized how fucking hard it was to find a job,.. you always hear about how ppl found a job here or got a job there,.. but they all never say howlong it took them to get it,... and when you go into a job interview and they ask the question "how long do you plan on working here" how the hell do i know?... If i enjoy work... ill work,.. if i hate it,.. then fuck off,.. but then again if another/better job appears,.. fuckit ill take dat one too,.. but i decided that if i tell the 6-8 months im sure thats a decent ammount of time... i mean ive been applying for jobs at fast food and we all know how long some ppl work there,.... 2 months,.. 4 months... i figure 6-8 months is a decently long time to see if i enjoy fastfood... i personally wanna work in "Food" cause i enjoy cooking,.. >.>. i really wanna work at subway.. I like the deli idea. but oh well,... sigh,...
My car is still broken,
My life sux's,
My girl hates me,
and god has cursed my lazy ass into the ground

8/23/05: Well, Damn its been a while sence I updated this site. Lots to talk about,

lets get started.
Okay, so last I updated I was in what was a hell, well, it got worse,. parents being pricks, Tad was being more stuck up and demanding of me, kept expecting the best treatment and more cause he thought he was more of a father-figure for me.. bull shit. then he wanted the respect as my boss, well, I wasent too keen on that.
so I got fed up. and moved out, Yay for me...... now I have another job yay.....
Ive just went back to an older game I use to play, TEC, I dont know if I talked about it before, buts Its a D&D text baised game,.. quite fun accaully, then again,... my main computer is down,... fucker died on me. and Im too lazy to fix it.
Oh ya, totaly forgot about Havah, well, long story short. dident work out... long story.
so its was short lived.
So now, Im seeing someone else. online ofcourse... granted Im a fool for doing it again. But whats really interesting is that my friends Ben and Kevin, are now both liveing with their online girls. and it seems to be going great for them, guess Im hopeing something like that will happen for me....  sigh,,.... Im lame, really really lame......... Oh well, I am who I am and thats who I am.....
On the brighter side, I get to start college next month for appraisal school,.. Im still planning on it. :) so soon I wont have any days for a while... It'll be school and work, and TEC inbetween.
Sigh,... But the girl Im seeing in TEC, Is really great, no matter how complicated she is, Its fun... though she does have an Issue abour trust and lies, but then who doesent have issues with those, I just figure if you lie to me, is a good reason, and I dont question... I dont like easy realtionships... then you dont have memories about it. :)
Well thats it for this little updateing session.

9/08/05: Sigh, work work work...

Working sucks, espically when they keep giveing me the 2-10 shift, I have no social life, and now it makes even harder,,, oh well, like the shit matters. Its finnaly happened, I complety agree with the "Nice guys finsh last" quote, so Ive decided to start being a dick,... apperently Ive been doing it wrong for the last 19 years.. no wonder Im single, no life, and am a computer nerd.
I guess you can tell my relationship is in a shit hole. things arnt going to well. Me and my bro accualy placed bets on what this ones problem was, jonathan made the bet that shes nuts and is crazy.... well shes not that but shes really dependant... I mean, every minute Im online she wants me to be with her, and if im not then she gets all pissy. then she tells me that we have our own lives but she wants mine to totaly revolve around her. even though she wants to have a life of her own...  talk about being backwards.... 
Oh well,...  if you ever get to watch a movie,.... watch 40 yearold virgen, its like looking into my future,.. only minus the action figures.. >.>

10/9/05: God, Why me?

Ya know, It seems that i do nothing but bitch how lonely i am here and everything that go's wrong, and you know, im gonna keep doing it, why?. cause this is my website and I really dont care what about people think of me. but that might be my problem,. but whatever. anyways
Work- working for 7-eleven isent that bad, i meet some decent people, and my boss is a good guy, and lately ive been more of a dick around everyone cause i kinda deligated my self to working in the cooler sence its just an total mess and im cracking down on the people who fuck it up.
Home- I live alone if you dident already know that and well, comming home to my cat every day, it gets kinda depressing after awhile... but oh well.
what else,... ohh ya. Found out that one of my good friends, Amber, has turned into a whore.... from what ive been told, shes been sleeping with alot of guys and brags about it to my other friend,.. wow. its amazing,.. she was someone who i really liked, maybe even loved, and also that she said that she wouldent go that far untill she was married and 22-23 years old, but i guess people change... ALOT. so now that shes a whore and everything that really makes me more depressed cause one, shes my good friend, and two, im jelous.
but on a brighter note, im playing some of my games with friends lately,. and thats fun, but on another downside, I live in a state with no friends.... -.- sigh..... well anyways, back to my soul stealing games, so i can avoid life and everything else....

11/2/05: Zippy skippy!

Well things have been going great for me. I HAVE A GIRL FRIEND! and not one of those creepy ones ive been getting. This is someone who ive been infatuated with for a LONG time... and now shes almost legal ;) we are going out,.. the only catch is that she lives about 6 hours away from me so its not that easy to see her,.. bet we talk everyday over the phone or by e-mail. She has also felt the same way about for along time aswell. so now we are both extremely happy that we are dateing. So as an up date on my love life,.. Im in love.
as for work now, Well,.. works work,. im working on getting a 13% raise. cause then ill have more moneies and i can spend it on my gurl :D.. 
lemme see, halloween,. this year was fun, I dressed up as a gobin and scared the piss outta kids.. and also this year I also got beat down too,.. a couple of devil gurls beat me with their plastic forks and broke them on me,. they got so pissed... >.> it was great
oh ya,.. IN AN UNFORTUNATE EVENT, IT HAS BEEN FOUND OUT THAT VIPERS COMPUTER GAMEING CENTER HAS CLOSED DOWN,... with that said,.. please direct all hate and anger twords their owner, Shawn.... YOU DOOSH BAG!
Also, apperently teh Sarah from OK has had her baby on halloween,... (I feel sorry for teh kid for greedy parents) and ive seen pics of the "hobo" and her... god,.. its like watching a really really reallly bad comedy thats still supriseingly funny. welcome to wellfare kid, your dads a run-away drop out,. and your mom is an dependant that always need someone there to help her, cause shes afraid of being an adult. WELCOME TO THE WORLD RAIN! Lets hope you learn from your parents mistakes.
And with that all said and done,.. im off,.. Time to update some pics.

06/13/06 Okay, So I havent been around in a while, sue me. a great ammount of shit has happened. so ill short hand a bunch of it. basicly, that thing with tiff. gone....died and never will rise again I have a new job working at Action Computers INC in denver. and love it/hate it at the same time.. I no longer have Ben and hes uggo as a roomate. I made an awesome new friend. his name is Thor. I moved and now am struggleing in a shit hole of debit. but im crawling out slowly. And to top everything off. JONATHAN IS COMMING OUT ON THE 21st!!! woot woot. and thats basicly it. i dont wanna go into detail cause then id be here for another 2 hours. and im lazy.

11/8/05: HIJACKED! Hey guys, this is Meganooblar aka Jonathan, the aforementioned bro to Megaevils. Congrats to hear things are going amazing with the girl (suddenly I can't remember her name >.> sucks that we don't get to hangout but once a year...though what can you do? Life deals us crappy hands sometimes, and right now I don't even have suited connectors ; ;). Nice pic, too. She got hotter. I like her with her hair grown out - as opposed to when we visited her last summer when it was hella friggin short. Iono, that's just me. She looks great now, so I'm happy for you. Unfortunately for me, I can't even talk to girls. I just like... gave up. I have no will to make an effort. It always fails. I always lose. I'm done. Selibacy, here I come! Maybe I should join a monestary and learn kung fu to karate-chop my boners away? Iono. Sad shit. School is I learn, yay me, but it's not that enthralling. Don't have any friends that live in the same state as me either, so I totally feel your pain bro. You still owe me a visit yanno. You should take a Christmas vacation from work and come visit! ^_^ I'd really like it if you did... ; ; Anyways, so what's new with me... Ok, remember how I was pretty decent at guitar when I visited last? Triple that. I've been practicing hardcore, and it's just flowing now. I can see where I need to practice and in what when I play, so its coming along really fast. I'm proud of it, because the guitar is finally something I found a solid interest in that has real-life applicability, and I love it... the guitar is my girlfriend right now, and man, do I work that bitch hard. Aside from that... hmm... hair is longer? lol. that's about it, I'm pretty damn boring and lame, but you know that cuz I stayed 2 weeks at your house and you were bleeding from your eyes in secret, I just know it. I tried to be fun man :( but im so easy to please, that I guess when you stick two people who are easy to please (like us) in the same room, you don't get a lot of amazing spontaneous ideas, not to mention your work schedule (which I tooootally am not complaining about because, well, gotta bring home the bacon somehow) didn't let us do a TON in normal-people time, but who teh fook cares? lolz. I had a good time, just so you know. Your cat is a spaz, and drove me nuts, but I miss her honestly. I was just starting to love her :x, wtf is up with me? heheh. I feel for ya though. You should up and move to the west coast with your woman when she hits 18 and graduates and stuff. Maybe we can bunk up? It's just that CO is so far away for me ; ; and I have things I honestly need to best west-coast bound for work, because I'm going to be going into a new company being formed in the next year or so. Products are moving towards the testing phase, etc. I hope you understand, it's not that I don't want to live with you, it's that there are things that CO just doesn't do for me. :( Anyways................I just noticed, I'm like writing you a letter since we haven't talked in a week or so (busy lives = O.O;;), but this is also a shoutout to whoever wants to read about marvelous ole me. Anyways, miss ya bro, msg me soon or something and we'll chat. Sorry I've been so busy and untalkative lately. Lots of homework, FFXI always has me doing something, etc. No excuse, I know, but blah I'm lame, remember? XD Ohh, yanno Jon? Well, his lil bro has a metal band. I saw them in Sept. at their first live show. I'll give you their music, and to all you mofos out there who are into death metal (hell, I'm not, but these guys are so good that even non-fans like it) its, Check it out! They've got another show in December they want me to come to, so that'll be fun. orz, I have a paper to write for class tomorrow, and it's 4 AM. Oh yeah! I'm trying to get a normal-person schedule. It's coming, slowly. No more crashing at 8 AM. Now it's 5-6, and I'm up by noonish. >.> It's sad, I know, but I'm honestly trying. It's hard, when I battle myself to do it. I hate sleeping early, but I also hate getting up late. Orzorzorzorzoroz. Also, I found out I have two horribly useless but equally hilarious skills in life. One, I can read JP characters (so I can read the words in JP), but I don't know what they mean in english. >.> So it's like, "Oh he says blahblahblah" 'what's that mean?' "I dunno >.>", and the other, is apparently I know the theme song to just about every 90's sitcom. It's hilarious, because I entertain myself with them or spam the LS with them all the time. Good times, good times. Ok, I'll leave your blog alone now. Peace ~meganooblar

12/22/06: Hail! I have been neglecting my website for some time now and well I need to get back into the flow of it again. Time for wonderful updates on my life, to start Work... Ahh.. I put in my two weeks notice last friday. I have gotten sick of the drama at work. It has been so bad. It seems to me the corperate only wants to take care of the customers that have fat wallets.... I really dont like that. It doesent appease me very much. Not only that but my schooling takes a bit of presidence over work. In the end the education will pay off better. also there was no expansion for me there. I need a place where I can grow... and Action is a good place to start but not stay there forever. However I have made several friends with the customers. :) Another thing. I may have a possible position at IBM but I need to talk to my carerr center at ITT. They are so nice :) they have an entire department fouced on getting students jobs. I <8 it.

Next I would like to touch on the Girlfriend topic.. Ya.. wonderfull topic.. ya.. wait when do I have time for A girlfriend? well thats the end of that...
Ahh now for ranting. Wow, Did I get snowed in. My entire house is burried in 3-4ft of snow. Its insane. we accually had a buldozer plow our road, but the smart guy only made it one lane... of ofcourse people get stuck. one person going one way vic versa.. and eventually someone has to drive in reverse a bit to get anywhere.. ya smarrrrrt... Also my brother is out to visit. Im trying to convence him to stay in colorado and join me at ITT Tech. but hes still has some time at the comunity college at home. also I heard from MegaPsycho. He just bought a new car! woo! Merrychristmas dude. Hope your parents dont go crazy on you. I see it as another leash but whatever.

5/2/07: Well, re-designing the website has been a blast, I took some time to look at my old history and wow, although it is only a fraction of my life, Wow. That's it, Wow.... From all the times I thought I was in-love to all the times when I was angry at the world. Jebus. My life is actually interesting, in some sick "ha-ha" funny way. Oh well, Its my story and its all true.

Anyways, I decided to redesign my website to day cause I logged into tripod on my rare visit to check my status of my site, 104 page visits last month and I already had 4 for today. So my site some how still exists on teh interweb. So I decided I needed a new look, I'm a lot older than I was when I first set it up and I should put my skills that I've learned over the years to work and re-make my site. Although I have to thank Tripod for there wonderful template and designs that I have used for many years. For a beginner it was perfect. I'm not going to rant to much today, (I know, your disappointed) But I have a lot more to go for the site. So STAY TUNED!

PS, I'll keep adding links to the side for everything else too. gonna upload and make this primary now and see how well it works out, hopefully not a waste of time. Also, sorry I can't remove the banner adds and crap unless I upgrade.. and I'm cheap..