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This here is a list of my friends :)


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This is my Brother-from-another-mother. Jonathan. He IS family and if you say otherwise I'll have to have my cat use you as a scratching post. I have known Jon for about...11 years now? Wow, Time sure does fly. He's a great guy, Loves music, especially death metal (that gives me a headache after a while), Computer gaming (of course) and is about to finish his associates degree at school. :D

Kimiko Or, K-Chan


This is my fuzzy daughter, Ever since my little brothers found her abandoned underneath a mobile trailer, she didn't even have her eyes open yet. I have raised her since. She first welcomed the family by giving everyone, EVERYONE the fungus ringworm. That was fun, and her name basically means spoiled princess in Japanese.. and it fits.

"Thor", Thorwulfgar Uvarkaller



This Is my current roommate and very good friend. Met Thor when I was working for Action Computers. He was a manager who was having some troubles with his housing situation so we decided to team up and pillage and raid life for what its worth. You can also blame him for getting me into the SCA (google it) He also is a computer nerd, just like me. combined we have about 12 computers total in my house and two servers. Yes we are teh nerds. This picture was taken of winter 2006, we got completely smashed in the snow.



This is my buddy from Germany. Mike, aka, Mike the Psycho. Pepsi and cigarette addict with a passion for games. This guy is seriously addicted to Guild Wars and Battlefield 2142. He was my good friend in Germany  and we had a lot of fun screwing around in high school. Everything from disabling the porn blocker to a mass school wide game of Starcraft. Ahh... good ol' days.

(left to right) Killian and Zach


These are my little brothers. They are monsters sometimes but I look at them and its like looking into a mirror. One is Emo, Killian. And the other is Punk, Zach.. interesting family eh?





A really good friend from Everquest2, She has a wicked DPS paladin :D. She is a great person that I get along with very well, and although I don't speak to her much now that I'm not on EQ2 right now I still chat now and again on AIM. She is also going to college right now and is changing her major though I cant remember to what.



What an artist! I met Lada when I was living in NC, we went to school together and unfortunately I couldn't graduate there but She is still doing well from what I hear. She has a wonderful talent for art and loves anime and games, but isn't as hard core into the games like I am. look at her art at:



Kimmie is a good friend from Washington that I've known for a long time. Its my fault she got addicted to anime and just recently went to her first convention :D. She is a nice and quiet person till she knows you. She also is into oldies music and can often recite quotes from that era that make you go O.o?



A friend from Colorado, From the valley where I was raised actually. She is a little immature at times but she is very out spoken and very energetic. She is still in school but she cant wait to get out of the valley cause there's nothing to do apparently.. Gomen.